Public Art

Reality is an Unfathomable Place, (2021)

Consists of framed ink paintings on paper, ceramics and assemblages.

Owned by The Pro Artibus Foundation. Long-term loan to the Finnish Institute in Stockholm, Sweden

Dotted Drop (2020)
Permanent mural in public restroom.
Porvoo, Finland

Galleria Katu / Galleri Gata
Porvoo, Finland
Tempoprary murals

Ylva Holländer established the continuous project Galleria Katu (transl. Gallery Street) in 2018 in collaboration with the city of Porvoo. Ylva annually invites an artist to make murals with her in the underpass for pedestrians under the Mannerheiminkatu bridge.

Monument of the Diet of Porvoo (2009)
Ylva Holländer & Kirsi Kaulanen
Eklöf’s park, Porvoo, Finland
Permanent sculpture

Bilabia (2009)
Ylva Holländer & Kirsi Kaulanen
Porvoo City Hospital, Finland
Permanent installation